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5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Girl… EVER!

There are three basic things that we are absolutely certain about in any given relationship. Number one, we know that it’s the responsibility of both the girlfriend and the boyfriend to make each other feel good about themselves and the relationship. Number two, we know that words are the most powerful tools that can make or break a relationship. This is why there are certain things that are always better left unsaid. Lastly, we know that girls are much more


3 Good Girlfriend Tips For A Lasting Relationship

While every relationship is unique in its own adorable way and every girlfriend possesses varying qualities that makes her boyfriend fall in love with her everyday, we cannot deny that there will still be some general good girlfriend things that applies even to the most extremely different types of girlfriends. From the hot supermodel girl to your average shy girl-next-door, every girlfriend should keep in mind a few tips to make sure that you, as a girlfriend, is doing your