While every relationship is unique in its own adorable way and every girlfriend possesses varying qualities that makes her boyfriend fall in love with her everyday, we cannot deny that there will still be some general good girlfriend things that applies even to the most extremely different types of girlfriends. From the hot supermodel girl to your average shy girl-next-door, every girlfriend should keep in mind a few tips to make sure that you, as a girlfriend, is doing your utmost to make the relationship work as well. Remember, love is a give and take process. As girlfriends, you gals have to do your fair share of keeping the relationship steady and making your partner feel loved at all times. Here are 3 very easy good girlfriend tips if you want to have a lasting relationship!

1. A good girlfriend doesn’t boss her man around.

You have to always remember that you are his girlfriend, not his mom. No one likes to be bossed around, and this is especially true to guys since they tend to have an ego and a pride higher than the Eiffel Tower when it comes to being the tough one in relationships. To be a good girlfriend, you should refrain from telling him to do this and to do that. Let the guy think on his own for god’s sake! Besides, you can trust his intuition. He chose you as a girlfriend, didn’t he? ;)

2. A good girlfriend is not suffocating.

Texting your guy every second of every day, asking where he’s been or what he’s been doing will drive him nuts! Or worse, away from you! To be a good girlfriend, you must stop from suffocating your guy. Give him his man space or just time to breathe. Every person needs this once in a while and being his girlfriend doesn’t give you the right to take this away from him. Remember the adage, “If you love him, you gotta let him go.”? Well, it applies to this, too… sorta. You just gotta set him free a bit every now and then.

3. A good girlfriend is a great bro.

The legendary Barney Stinson continuously emphasized on every man’s need for a bro. (If you don’t know who Barney Stinson is, you must be extremely crazy! Go watch How I Met Your Mother now. Thank me later.) In a similar way, every girlfriend wants them to be their boyfriend’s bestest friend ever. Being a great bro to your boyfriend is the ultimate ticket to his heart. To be a good girlfriend, take the time to invest in his interests, no matter how boyish they may be. Play video games with him, learn his dorky language, cook his favorite food, go sporty with him! All these are very simple and doable things that a good girlfriend can do for her guy.

Ultimately, no matter how different the circumstances may seem, it’s important that girlfriends also fulfill their end of the bargain. All you need to remember to be a good girlfriend is to ensure that your partner is the happiest he can be. It doesn’t take much effort to do this, you just need to exert enough to show you care.