There are three basic things that we are absolutely certain about in any given relationship. Number one, we know that it’s the responsibility of both the girlfriend and the boyfriend to make each other feel good about themselves and the relationship. Number two, we know that words are the most powerful tools that can make or break a relationship. This is why there are certain things that are always better left unsaid. Lastly, we know that girls are much more sensitive about this (and everything else!) than guys. In fact, not to be sexist or whatever but, there is a larger and heavier pressure on boys to watch what they say to their girls. And as usual, we are here to help you out! Here are 5 things you should always remember to NEVER tell your girl!

Never tell your girl: “Are you getting fat?”

This is biggest no-no in the history of no-no’s! You should never, ever call your girlfriend fat! Never tell your girl her butt is getting rounder or her cheeks are getting squishier! That’ll drive her insane! As a matter of fact, you should never tell any girl any of these things. This will tend to hurt their ego and self-esteem and probably, hurt their self-control too as they will likely give you a big, hard punch right in the gut!

Never tell your girl: “Okay.”

Most guys aren’t exactly the sweet and expressive type of human beings. Often, guys use very simple language to convey their thoughts and feelings. However, if you wish to please your girl, never use the famous “convo-enders” and never tell your girl one-word responses. When she says “Hey, please come over.”, it’s very reasonable for guys to opt for a simple “Okay.” as a response; everyone knows that. Girls don’t appreciate this all that much, though. You can keep your simple language all you want, but please, please, at least show some interest in conversations! Geez.

Never tell your girl: “She’s looking good.”

By “she”, we mean a girl other than your girl.

Either you’re crazy or you’re super crazy when you tell this to your girl. Even when this is a simple, honest, and meaningless compliment to an old friend or even when you call your favorite celebs “hot”, it doesn’t exactly make your girl happy on the inside. It gives her that good ol’ feeling of doubt that you think someone is better than her. I mean, honestly, that’s just code for either “She’s better looking than you.” or “You’re not good looking enough.” which are both 200% just plain awful! A girl only wants to feel that she’s the prettiest for her guy, even when she knows she’s not.

Never tell your girl: “You won’t understand anyway.”

Uhh… Earth to boys? Are you calling us stupid? This is a serious possible relationship-ender. We all know how the slightest miscommunications can ruin a perfectly awesome relationship. And we don’t want that happening, do we? Sometimes, you just gotta trust that your girl is gonna understand whatever you’re about to say. If she insists on asking, she’s already making an effort to understand. Don’t make it harder for her by putting her off and just make an effort on explaining it to her yourself. That’s better than assuming that she “won’t understand anyway”. Just never tell your girl that!

Never tell your girl: “No.”

Okay, I know you gotta say “no” to your girl sometimes, and girls understand that. But hey, we still can’t help feeling sad and down about it. No girl–actually, no person ever likes the feeling of rejection. So avoid rejecting her as much as possible, but if you really have to, then at least break it down to her very gently. And finish the message off with a sweet comeback. That’ll make her feel better!

No two people are ever the same. This is why ultimately, it will be you and no one else who’s going to know what your partner would like to hear and what she would not.  That, however, can be a long and tiring job as it requires you to constantly try and unlock the puzzle that is her entire personality. But if you really care about her as much as you say you do, then figuring out what annoys her would not be a burden at all. It will be a lifetime of getting to know each other. And if she’s “the one”, it’s gonna be worth it. Way worth it.