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Signs of attraction: 4 ways to tell if she’s interested in you

We previously explored different ways you can charm a girl, but how to you know whether it is working? By understanding various signs of attraction, you can see just how effective your new moves have been and whether you should ask her out yet. 1. She wants to know more about you Unless a girl is interested in you, she won’t really care about you. If she’s asking you questions related to yourself, then it’s probable she wants to know


6 signs you are too nice to date online

Do you wanna face the reality…. After all you need to know the meter of awesomeness at online dating. Head down dude excess is not good Messaging a stranger You are a hella go go boy!… you don’t hesitate to text any kinda girl… you are positive and enthusiastic  and you are probably not thinking of being judged sometimes but hey! Do you even care? ….. keep up the work but don’t forget be respectful and humble Somebody will respond