We previously explored different ways you can charm a girl, but how to you know whether it is working? By understanding various signs of attraction, you can see just how effective your new moves have been and whether you should ask her out yet.

1. She wants to know more about you

Unless a girl is interested in you, she won’t really care about you. If she’s asking you questions related to yourself, then it’s probable she wants to know what kind of man you are. Additionally she’ll seem more engaged in your conversation. But if she is replying back with one word answer, you should probably move on. Signs of attraction such as this shows you that she wants to know you better, but that she wants you notice her.

2. Is she touching you?

While these types of signs of attraction are rare–especially when you don’t know each other, women will only engage in body contact if they are interested in you. It can be in the form of a light hand touch or a simple brush of her hand against your knee. You’ll need to pay attention to actual accidental touches and flirty body touches.

3. She’ll smile at you and laugh at your jokes

No matter how pathetic your jokes are, a girl that is interested in you laugh if only to show that she is making a fun time in your company. If a girl gives you a genuine smile, and you’ll know it when you see it, then she definitely likes you. The way she behaves and talks will tell you a lot about whether or not she is enjoying your company.

4. She is flirting with you

Out of all the signs of attraction, verbal flirting is the best way to figure out if someone is interested in you. Most women might be a little hesitant so if you’re interested in a girl, make her feel comfortable. Once she feels relaxed around you, she’ll start taking action herself and flirt with you. But don’t ask her on a date just yet. Women love a little excitement so flirt with her back and show her that you’re interested as well before taking a shot at asking her out.