Do you wanna face the reality…. After all you need to know the meter of awesomeness at online dating. Head down dude excess is not good

Messaging a stranger

You are a hella go go boy!… you don’t hesitate to text any kinda girl… you are positive and enthusiastic  and you are probably not thinking of being judged sometimes but hey! Do you even care? ….. keep up the work but don’t forget be respectful and humble

Somebody will respond

You may be the stick on guy but you cant just wait for the reply. You are always watching that winkie twinkie. Yes you are looking for a company … I know its hard …. No one aint replying…but dude keep trying

The yes man

You cant say no…. whether it’s the parking valet or drink or drive… you feel like you are embarrassing he girl by simply saying no even if its on the right thing.  Yes Man! You have to stop this s*** before girls rip apart your heart.

You keep it in your head

Whatever the unicorn stuff going on you always think about it. You cant stoop thinking. You are an executive mindf*****…. Be explicit and Let it goooo……. Let it goo. This is the nest thing a looserish will do and you really don’t wanna end up like so

(Except for few you need to be aware before making thoughts salsa in your mind)

You come up as a desperate sometimes

You may have your heart clean on side by side but this can be go to the wider side of wrong thing thug!…. just reminder self on what you are doing you will have your day , you just have to wait for it until then when life is still giving you lemons turn them to candies every time. YOLO!

When u really find someone……

The most hilarious of all … when you find the right one you freak out !…. how do you know? You practice your conversation in front of the mirror… always thinking of avoiding the awkward moments but ends up in one. You can’t really blow the conversation more forward this is the time when you need to remind yourself of BEING YOURSELF! Is the key . don’t get nervous, throw some jokes if you get so and keep the day as shining as possible.