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Unrequited Love: 3 Tips To Help You Get Over It

Unrequited love is probably the worst kind of love you could ever get yourself involved with. It hurts knowing that you have no chance with the person you’re head-over-heels for. What’s worse is when that person is only using you or is simply enjoying all the attention you’re giving. Most people who have experienced unrequited love would agree that it’s hard moving on from that pain – just as much as it is hard moving on from any kind of pain.


Creating an Online Dating Profile – The Dos and Don’ts

Do choose a photograph where you are well-dressed. It is not necessary to get dressed up and have a photo taken professionally, but one where you are wearing a faded t-shirt and a hat shaped like a beer can won’t do. Don’t lie to make yourself appear more impressive. If you are going to be dating someone who has read your profile, at some point they will get to know the real you. If they find that you lied in