Unrequited love is probably the worst kind of love you could ever get yourself involved with. It hurts knowing that you have no chance with the person you’re head-over-heels for. What’s worse is when that person is only using you or is simply enjoying all the attention you’re giving. Most people who have experienced unrequited love would agree that it’s hard moving on from that pain – just as much as it is hard moving on from any kind of pain. Unrequited love is often as hard getting over from as the reciprocated type. If you’re stuck in this kind of dilemma, here are three things that you can do to shoo away those unwanted feelings.

Keep as far a distance as possible.

You probably already know that the best way to bury feelings for someone is by staying away from them. Keep a safe distance away from your unrequited love subject. Stay far away until you can almost forget that person’s existence in the very first place. However, this may be harder said that done especially for those whose crush is part of their circle of friends. But still, try as much as you can. Being away from that person even for a little while would help you see how better your life is without that person.

Inculcate in your mind that it’s unrequited love.

Often, the reason why it’s so damn hard for us to get over unrequited love is because we keep building our own hopes up. We keep telling ourselves that maybe there is a chance – no matter how small – that our crush will like us back, and that encourages us to try even more. Sometimes, you can be right. But if it’s been over a year and nothing’s happened, you have to let it go already. Tell yourself that it’s nothing more than unrequited love and you won’t be getting the happy ending you hoped for.

Go on dates. Lots of dates!

One of the best forms of distraction, going on lots of dates will not only help you move on from Mr. or Ms. Not-Right but also expose you to many other dating potentials. Who knows, you might even meet the love of your life in one of these dates or just fall in love. This is a sure-fire way of making you forget that horrible unrequited love experience and move on for good.

Getting over someone you love is always gonna be hard. But you have to keep trying, especially when you know that nothing good will come of it. Learn to tell yourself when to stop. That’s the first step to moving on.