First dates are usually all about leaving a great first impression to get a second date, a third, and so on. Often, people try their best to dress and impress on a first date. Boys and girls alike, we tend to try and put our best foot forward when it comes to first dates. However, sometimes because of our too much over-thinking and trying to perfect every single detail, we end up actually ruining it even more. Sometimes, even compliments don’t come out the way we want them to. This is especially true for boys since they are the ones often expected to do the smooth talking.

We’ll save you all the trouble of messing up your first date with these handy tips regarding the worst compliments you can possibly say to a girl during a first date.

Worst Compliments #1: It’s kind of cool how you don’t sweat that much.

Even if you honestly meant that it’s cool that she doesn’t sweat much without any further and deeper hidden meaning to it, most girls will take this one sentence as “You’re too fat”. I mean, what other reason would you have for saying that? You’re insulting her, and compliments aren’t supposed to do that. Unless you have a weird fetish for sweat (gross), this is basically just code for “You’re fat, but it’s cool that you don’t sweat much.” and calling her fat isn’t really gonna do you any good, is it?

Worst Compliments #2: Your friend told me you make amazing sandwiches.

Okay. You might wanna go easy on the stereotypes there, bud. Girls aren’t your sandwich-makers and telling her she makes amazing sandwiches on the first date isn’t gonna get you a second one. Actually, it’s not gonna get you another minute. Regardless if her friend really told you she makes amazing sandwiches and that you really meant those as compliments, girls won’t receive it that way. She’s just gonna see you as another jerk who thinks girls are boys’ slaves, period.

Worst Compliments #3: Your eyes are prettier than my ex’s.

No matter what angle you look at it, comparing her to anyone ESPECIALLY to your EX is the biggest no-no in the history of first dates and compliments! I mean, seriously, get your head out of your ass, boy! Do you honestly think she’ll go awww over you comparing her to your last week’s screw up? Sure, go for the eye compliment – it’s a nice move – but you might wanna take away the “than my ex” part. You can do that, right?

The only thing you have to remember about compliments is that they’re supposed to make the receiver feel good, not get offended. So whatever you plan on saying or doing, especially on that awaited first date with the girl you’ve been crushing on for years, is to keep watch of every word that gets out of your mouth. Remember, girls are sensitive, so be keen about any hidden messages your “compliments” might send.