For women, the game of romance can be more challenging. It seems that most of them are consigned into being passive trying to wait for men to get to know them. After all, traditional ways of playing the romance game always dictates that the men should make the first move. Women who do are usually frowned upon. But that no longer seems to be the case for the modern woman. Some women may become quite impatient waiting for the men to make the first move. But they also have the concern of being toforward if they approach guys. If you are still the conservative type, you can do your share in trying to get the guys to approach you by sending out signals that you are interested. Here are some tips on how to do it properly.

Flirting as a tool.

The most effective way to get guys interested in you is by learning how to flirt effectively. Just turn on your charm and use some body language to get him to know that you are interested in him. Remember that men cannot read your minds. It is up to you to send the guy hints about your interest in him now and then.

Show your interest in the guy online.

If you are someone who is not yet comfortable in the flirting game, try doing it online. Thanks to social media, it is easier now to get the attention of a guy you are attracted to. It may be as subtle as trying to like or comment on their posts online. You can then gradually progress to making comments or sending friendly messages. If he responds, then you have succeeded in getting his attention. Do your best to keep it up by sending subtle signals that you are interested in him.

Give him your special attention.

Maybe you are interested in a guy you meet in school or at the office on a daily basis. You always have frequent contact and even engage in small talk now and then. But he does not seem to see through your feelings just yet. So what do you do? Try giving him some special attention.

Many guys love getting attention from women. it somehow boosts their ego and makes them feel more confident. Try giving him some of your special attention in different ways. If it is an office mate, try going out to lunch together. When he talks, try to maintain eye contact to indicate that you are interested in what he has to say. If you have become that friendly, you can also try sending him some small gifts now and then. A cookie you baked or just simple messages can sometimes to the trick. Sooner or later, your actions may make him realize that you have some interest in him.

Be frank as a last resort.

If you have done all these and he still does not see through you, then maybe it is time to be more honest. You can always tell it straight to him if you see no other way to let him know. But you should only do this as your last resort. Saying your honest feelings about the guy will require the right setting and moment. Choose carefully when you plan to say what you feel to him. Being this honest can have its risks. You can either elicit the perfect response from the guy, or you can get rejected right then and there. Remember that some guys are not just that ready when it comes to situations like this. So think carefully about it before you take the plunge, so to speak.