For guys, a first date can end up in two ways- either memorable or forgetful. How you prepare yourself for it will help determine the outcome. If you wish to make a good impression on a first date, try to remember these tips. Show up on a date early. If you like to make a good first impression to a woman on a first date, get to the meeting place early or on time. It is better if you arrive there before your date does. It will help indicate that you are not taking the first meeting for
granted. Men like who show up late will only harbor dislike during the first date. Keeping a woman waiting or alone is always not a good idea for a man trying to make a good first impression.

Keep dating conversations as a give and take process.

Now that you show up early or on time on a date, now it is time to get to know each other better. Conversations during a date can be informative and insightful or it can be boring and one-sided. The only way to keep it interesting is by keeping it going from both sides. Try to ask questions and give your date an opportunity to ask them as well. Do not try to keep the conversation going just by yourself. Your date may also have something to talk about. Make sure that you both have equal footing with the dating talk.

Keep your focus on your date.

One way to impress a woman is by trying to keep your focus on her during your date. Avoid the many distractions that can disturb the moment. Try to keep that mobile phone tucked away or on silent mode. If you need to place it on the table, try putting the phone face down so that you do not see lights indicating an incoming call or message. Try to do your best to get the distractions away. This will help create a good impression for you on that first date.

Offer to pay the bill but….

It is standard for men to pay for the bill during the date. Women tend to feel special if you pay for the dinner or lunch. However, other women who might like to split the bill instead. In such cases, do not try to disagree when your date suggests splitting the bill. It is a big mistake to MAKE MONEY into a big issue on a first date. You can suggest you take care of the bill for dinner and she takes care of the desserts or coffee later. Either way, you can still make a good impression on your date by not making too much of a fuss about money and paying for the bill.