Nothing stays the same over time. Everything goes through a certain degree of change in one way or another. The same goes with the dating ritual. Certain rules about dating have changed, just as the modern mindset about relationships has also changed. Here are some of the modern dating rules that you should know about.

Being the demure type no longer works.

The modern dating scene has changed quite considerably that it has allowed more opportunities for people to date.
Aside from the usual dating hangouts, people can now meet others online. It is now easier for people to move on and look for other dates if they feel the slightest bit of disinterest in their current one. Playing hard to get nowadays does not work that well. If you try to play coy, some men would just move on to other prospects. If you like someone, it is better to let them know with your actions than trying to play the opposite in hopes that you challenge them to pursue you. You will only be discouraged by doing that nowadays.

It is never too old to date.

In the old days, there seems to be an age limit to dating. After you reach a certain age, you have passed your eligibility to date. But nowadays, society is becoming more open for people of any age to pursue love and develop relationships at any age.

Be honest. It is harder to hide your past.

In these days where Google has become a verb, your personal secrets are now easier to discover. If you wish to hide something from your past that you do not want your date to know, it is usually just a few keystrokes away from being discovered. Try to be more upfront about your past and be more honest, especially if you are interested in your current date.

Learn about modern communication.

If you still think that sending love letters may be appropriate in this day and age, then you may already be too far behind in the dating game. The modern love letter nowadays comes in the form of text messages, emails, status comments and tweets. It may be quite sad to say that, but it is true. If you do not know about any of them, then it is important that you start now. The modern means of communication has allowed people to interact and connect with people faster and with more convenience than ever before. Try to learn how to use them to gain more advantage in the dating game.