When you go on a first date, you try your best to keep a good impression at all times. You would not want to ruin the date by something you can prevent. One of the things that you should look out for is the type of food you eat on the first date. Here are some examples of foods to avoid on the first date.It may be nice to eat something delicious like barbecued ribs on a first date. But it can be an accident waiting to happen. 

Barbecued Ribs

It may be nice to eat something delicious like barbecued ribs on a first date. But it can be an accident waiting to happen. Barbecued ribs are not something that you eat at any formal dinner because you need your hands to eat them. You end up getting your hand smeared with grave and sauce that will require a continuous supply of tissue to wipe them off. It does not look too good when you are eating like this with your date on the other end doing the same thing. Any level of dating intimacy disappears in the process.

Buffet Food

The buffet food itself is not the problem why you need to avoid it. The very reason that you make eating as the main activity of the date can get in the way of conversation. Both of you may become too busy eating all the food on the buffet. You might forget that you are with a date. By the time you finish, you may seem too tired to care for anything else. Your buffet date may end up right there and then. You missed on the chance on making some good conversation.

Spicy Foods

Many people love eating spicy foods. However, it is for your own good to avoid it during that important first date. Those hot peppers can get you sweaty, which your date may notice and will mind a lot. Avoid the embarrassment of a sweaty situation by trying non-spicy food during the date.

Foods That Cause Bad Breath

Another cause of embarrassment on that first date is if you have bad breath. The reason may be on the food that you eat during the date. Try to avoid stuff like onions, garlic, asparagus, broccoli or even coffee. Most of them contain a compound called mercaptan. It causes an odor that smell of rotten eggs, onions or garlic. Try to avoid them if you do not wish to have a problem with bad breath or odors during your date.


The problem with beans is that it is known to cause your stomach to bloat and produce gas. After some time, you may have this urge to pass gas. What is worse is that most people know this. If they see you eating some beans during your date and they smell something funny like someone passing gas in secret, they will be blaming you for it, even if it is not you. It is a case of guilty by association. So it is better to forgo ordering beans during your first date.