Dating is a way to knowing and learning about someone. It may not necessarily lead to romance. It simply is the first step of trying to know someone who you may open up to in terms or romance, or not. You can determine later on whether you wish to pursue another date with that person or not. But before you agree on a particular date, you usually have to determine your type of date. Different people may have different preferences and ideals when it comes to a perfect date. However, it does not usually mean that it is always the right choice.

Dating Patterns

As people start dating, they begin to develop a certain pattern of looking out for the types they like. They are looking for the same characteristics and traits from each of their date. They seem to be attracted to a particular date type. It works fine if they find themselves successful in finding their ideal types for a relationship. But there are times when the dating pattern they choose seems to head to bad relationships most of the time. In this case, it develops into a toxic dating pattern.

Knowing A Bad Dating Pattern

You may find yourself following a bad dating pattern if you always end up in dates that go bad most of the time. If you begin to follow the same pattern and yet expect to get different results, then you are following an unhealthy dating pattern. You may need to change how you date if you ever want to see different results.

Breaking A Bad Dating Pattern

First and foremost, you need to determine the dating pattern you typically follow before you can break free from it. You need to analyze the types of dates you usually find attracted to and choose. Once you determine your pattern, you may need to make an effort to break from it by looking into other types you do not usually consider as a good date. Going out for the opposite from your usual dates may just be best solution for breaking a bad dating pattern. It may not be easy, but it is worth trying after several bad dates.