There are many girls who people refer to as a “Daddy’s girl”. This is the type of girls who have a special bond with their fathers even until they grow really old. There’s nothing wrong with being a Daddy’s girl; however, you’ll find that dating a Daddy’s girl would not be a walk in the park especially in comparison to other average girls in the market. It can be quite stressful dealing with the whims of a Daddy’s girl. So if you happen to have your eyes on one, here are a few facts to take note of before you decide to make your move.

She has high standards in men.

Because she considers her dad as the coolest and most amazing being to have ever graced this planet, expect that she’ll look for guys who are just as amazing. A Daddy’s girl tends to have high standards when looking for a partner because she is often lost in the fantasy of the existence of a perfect guy because of her dad. This makes any Daddy’s girl a bit more difficult to please. She might even go to the point of explicitly comparing you with her dad. Be patient with this, but feel free to talk to her about it if it starts to bother you.

She’s not “spoiled”, but…

She doesn’t like being called “spoiled”, but technically, she is and she knows it. She’ll be a real spoiled brat with you at times and her dad is all to blame. Because Daddy tried to gave her all her heart’s desires, a Daddy’s girl is used to having her way. But don’t worry, I’m sure Daddy also taught her that there are times when people have to say no to her. Still, try and let her have her way if you can. That’s just the life she’s used to.

She’ll expect some princess treatment.

Though she won’t explicitly demand for anything, know that she’ll still expect you to treat her like a princess every now and again. Be very caring and charming to her; and since her dad was basically her knight in shining armor all her life, be very protective of her, too. However, even if she’s used to being the princess, this doesn’t mean that a Daddy’s girl doesn’t know how to be responsible and how to take care of herself. Daddy taught her that, too!

She’ll want you to get along with Daddy.

Every Daddy’s girl would dream of a man who would be able to become best friends with her life-long partner-in-crime. So make some effort to get on Daddy’s good side and be someone he’ll be glad his daughter is with. Trust me, you’ll want this for yourself, too. Remember how protective Daddy is to his little girl? This means he’ll scrutinize every inch of your personality. You wouldn’t want him to think you’re not right for his princess, would you? Also, you wouldn’t want to be in a competition with the father of a Daddy’s girl. That’s a battle you’ll definitely have a harder time winning (quite impossible to win, actually).

She’ll be a little on the child-like side.

All her life, she was treated and treasured like a fragile little girl. Even when she got her first period, Daddy still sees her as though she was the same innocent baby years ago. If you’re really set on dating a Daddy’s girl, expect her to be very child-like most of the time. Always remember that no matter how old she gets or how womanly she becomes, she’ll ALWAYS be Daddy’s little princess. Please don’t deprive her of that.

A daddy’s girl’s best man will always be her dad.

Regardless of who she meets in life, Daddy will always be the best guy on the planet for her. This means that no matter what you do, you can never be better. (I’m sorry. It’s true.) A Daddy’s girl will always see her father in the best light possible, so never ever ever ever ever (I cannot stress this enough!) talk about her dad negatively. That is the worst possible thing you could ever think of doing! Don’t get annoyed at how much she talks about her dad as well. Being proud of him is already like second nature to her.

Ultimately, the key to scoring a Daddy’s girl is to treat her the way you would likely treat one of the most important girls in your life – your own daughter. Be careful what you say to her because she’s used to having her guy on her side always. And lastly, dating a Daddy’s girl also means dating her father. You have to impress him, too. Because if Daddy doesn’t like you, she’ll most probably agree with him.

Seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Don’t worry! If she’s worth it, she’s worth it. No pressure!  😉