Most relationships (and I mean romantic relationships) aren’t built to last forever, but isn’t that what we all look for in the end? A relationship that can pass the test of time? Your relationship with your current partner may be a little on the shaky side every now and again, but who knows? Maybe he/she’s the one! Here are 5 sure-fire ways to tell if your relationship will last and there’s a hella big chance you two will grow old together.

You Tell Each Other Everything

Whether it’s about the boring film you saw last night or what kind of cereal you had for breakfast, couples who are built to last often have a tendency to tell each other everything—and I mean everything! Comfort with each other often is key to making sure a relationship will last. If you’re comfortable enough to tell him you just pooped, then you’re in the right relationship, my friend. Up top!

Making Out is A Regular Pastime

Every couple in the world is always looking for excuses to pucker up and smooch. Well, let me help you out. Kissing significantly improves a relationship’s status as it helps couples feel closer towards each other. Cuddling helps, too. A lot of cuddling. So in conclusion, the more you make out, the longer your relationship will last. Win-win, is it not?

You Go On Double Dates

If you think that a couple who is “crazy about each other” that they would always just want to lock up in a room and stay together forever and forget about the rest of the world outside is a couple that would indeed be together forever, you might want to think again. Couples who go on double dates are more mature enough to be able to indulge into a long-term relationship. Double dates are signs as well that you trust your partner enough to let him be with other people for some time. Otherwise, you’ll just get tired of each other’s faces and it’s highly unlikely that the relationship will last. Eek!

Chick Flicks are Your Favorite

Sorry to break it to you, boys, but chick flicks are actually healthy for a relationship. (High-five, girls!) Be sure to get your popcorn and PJs ready before you hit the hay every now and then if you want to make sure the relationship will last. Partners who watch movies about relationships together and have a little chat about it after are way less likely to call it quits in comparison to couples who never turn their rom-com mode on. Way to go, TFIOS!

You Just Know The Relationship Will Last

Gut feels are often as real as any months’ worth of research and facts. This is another tell-tale sign to know that forever is an option for you and your partner. When you just feel so comfortable in the relationship, when you can say that you want to spend the rest of your life with that person, when you just feel it in your gut that the relationship will last, then congratulations! Sometimes, we look for so many signs that we lose sight of the most obvious one: You just have to be sure of your partner. After all, relationships can only be as sure as how you make them out to be. Good luck!