Any guy can be attractive to girls if he can able to understand what exactly girls looking. It does not mean that what a guy looks like, because a girl thinks about the man as a package. If a guy is having more good qualities over the bad qualities then his chances of winning her heart more. Some dating tips for how to attract a girl or if you are planning for dating and looking for some dating advice you will get good dating advice here. If a man uses it wisely then, chances of getting the girl or attracting the girl are high.

Some dating advice is there that gives you the potential to stay attractive in fronts of girl or 4 steps every man should follow before planing a date.
  1. Don’t enter in friend zone

    The first thing a girl wants to see in you on the first date is whether you are a friend or lover. If she find you as a friend then it will be very difficult to win her attraction. And if she sees you as a potential lover then the winning the game is high. The main motive of saying all these points is that, you have to be sexually attractive for all these matter else you are fall into friend zone.

  2. To act sexy, not cute

    Looking cute is other thing, in front of girl you have to look sexy in any way. For example- a sexy guy will smile at girl, on other hand a cute guy will giggle. Others activities include, a cute guy will capture woman hand but the sexy guy will caress it. You have to act sexy to feel sexy. This means that if when you feel sexy then your actions, habits will automatically express it through body language, gestures.

  3. Give attention on your dressing sense

    Most of the time it is found that girls are mostly attracted to those men who dress properly. If you are financially and emotionally fit then, girls will automatically attracted towards you. Use this information and take advantage and dress always fine to impress her.

  4. Have an attitude of confidence and believe in you

    Confidence is the most important thing to attract the girl on a date. When a girl has become full confidence that you are a potential lover then you have to keep her by displaying this high confidence. To feel confident is the right way to act confidently and the reason behind this is to become knowledgeable about your strength and weakness.

These were the 4 steps every man should follow before planing a date. Keep these dating advices in mind before planning a date.