He is insensitive and always so full of himself, and he drives you insane! And no, I don’t mean that in a good way. Dating jerks could possibly be one of the most stressful experiences you could ever get yourself into. Jerks are not only narcissistic that it feels as though they’re in a relationship with themselves but also heartless players and cheaters. Jerks are people who would take you for granted – whatever means they find fit. However, did you know that there can also be unexpected benefits out of dating these manipulative bastards? Yes, you heard me! Same with everything else, dating jerks also have a bright side to them. So listen up, ladies!

You become a better partner for the right guy.

Your horrible experiences with dating jerks could actually teach you many relationship lessons you were definitely not expecting. For one, you will likely learn to be more appreciative of guys who know how to treat you right. Because you’re so fed up with dating jerks, nice guys would seem like a great catch. You will learn to see them in a more positive light since they treat you in the way your jerk-face of an EX never could.

Better news is that when you finally meet the right guy, you’ll know how to be a better partner for him. How? By doing none of the things those self-absorbed douchebags ever did to you. You’ll know exactly what you want out of a relationship, too. Dating jerks would likely lead you to an understanding of what you want and do not want your future relationships to be like. And we all know that having a better grasp of these things is a great contributory factor to a healthy relationship.

A better friendship for you and your clique.

You’re not the only one to have ever been trapped in a jerk dilemma. The experiences of dating jerks would make you understand clearer what it was like for your best buddies who underwent the same pitiful condition. You learn to be a better listener, a better shoulder to cry on, and a better friend in general. In return, your friends would also be more understanding of your situation. Dating jerks can actually mean similar dating fall-outs between you and your buds that could lead to greater heights in your sisterhood.

Dating jerks equals awesome stories – lots of them!

Bad experiences are always the perfect ingredients to funny memories. Whether he made you so mad that you managed to punch him in the gut or kick him in the nuts, dating jerks could give you numerous stories that are definitely worth telling. Your jerk-dating chronicles would be a real piece of treasure in a few years when you’ve moved on and are looking back at all the funny moments in your life. Save these stories for your high school reunion 20 years later and you’ll be sure to crack your friends up big-time! So go ahead and start crafting jokes out of that pathetic loser you used to think was Mr. Right.

Ultimately, dating jerks are not exactly the dreamy relationships we always wanted out of life. And the sad part is that these egotistical nightmares make up a large majority of today’s male population which means that we could hardly ever avoid them. But girls, life is life. Remember the old adage, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”? Keep that in mind the next time you discover that you’re yet again dragged into another episode of your jerk-dating drama. Toodles, ladies!