Love is the most common and most desirable human experience. Being in love is not exclusive to a particular race, gender, or social status. However, despite love being within the tip of our hands, why do people still fail to have a partner? Here are some reasons why you’re still probably single even if you really wish to be in a relationship.

You’re single because you do not allot time to meet new people.

Your next girlfriend/boyfriend would most probably be not in your circle of friends. Meet new people from time to time! You may still be single because you’re too afraid to go out and meet other people with different interests. Stay out of your comfort zone and enter the sea full of fishes. This can be a blind date with your bro’s friend or a concert date with a die-hard fan you met online! Being adventurous leads to great destinations, right?

You’re single because you’re not that confident.

You may still not have a girlfriend/boyfriend since 10th grade because you do not believe that someone will like you for who you are. Carry yourself with the clothes, hobbies, music, or whatever is in line with your interest. This will help you feel good about yourself since you’re doing things that you like rather than adjusting to what other people say. It won’t take long until you meet the someone who also likes coins or stuff from the Renaissance fair. Just show the “real you” and you won’t be single for long.

You’re single because your standards are too damn high!

I know we all have our ideal guy/girl. However, the most ideal partners are not the ones we expected them to be. They may not have a Ferrari, an awesome wardrobe, or a complete set of Beatles albums, but they are still fun to be with. When you meet someone that does not perfectly describe your Mr. Dreamboy, give him a chance! You may be currently single because you’re waiting for a person who does not even exist in the first place. Adjust those standards and you’re one step away from being in love again!

Staying out of the “single zone” isn’t that hard. You just need to remove some habits that are dragging you down the highway to Singleville. Being in love is a piece of pie being handed to you, my friend. You just need to take it.