Going out on a first date is an exciting experience for many people. But just the same, you should learn how to keep yourself in control despite all the excitement you feel. You should be revealing some things about yourself to your date. However, there are also some things that you should try to avoid mentioning, especially on a first date. Here are some of them.

Religion or Politics

Talking about religion and politics should be avoided on your first date. It can easily cause divisive tension during the date, especially if both have contradicting stands about such topics. There is no point making your first date as a venue to air your political affiliation or religious beliefs. You should avoid making them part of your first date conversation.

Financial Standing

Whether you are rich or poor, avoid trying to focus on talking about your finances. Money should not be the focus of your dating conversations, unless it is time to pay for the restaurant bill. Mention that you are rich, your date may start to become interested in you because of your money. Tell your date that you are poor, you may experience outright rejection on your first date. Learn to talk more about your personality, traits and other things aside from money.

Your Critical Side

During your first date with someone, make sure that you avoid letting your critical side out. Just because you do not like something you see on your date does not necessarily mean that you need to say it aloud during the first date. For the most part, try to focus more on the good things that you do see and mention it. But avoid criticizing your date at all costs.

Health Problems

There are certain things about your health that is fine to mention during a date, especially if it is associated with your first meeting with each other. However, refrain from mentioning your health condition or problem as much as possible.

Past Relationships

Avoid revealing any of your past relationships during the first date. It may not be the right time to share such things with someone you recently met. Mention of exes and previous relationship can easily make the date feel awkward.