Many people often feel like they always have bad luck in the dating department, and constantly attract the wrong types of people. If you’re tired of going on bad date after bad date, there are ways you can change and make sure you begin attracting the right types of people.

Here are tips on how to attract high quality dates.

First, consider where you are meeting dates. If you frequent the same bars and restaurants and keep striking it, it might be worth trying out different locations to meet people. Bookstores, parties, or meet-up groups are great ways to meet people whom you will have a lot in common with. In order to get different results in your dating life, you’ve got to start doing different things, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.

Next, focus your energy inward. Instead of constantly being on the lookout for someone to date, invest your time in being the best version of you possible. We tend to attract people who are on the same level as us, so if you want to raise the quality level of people you’re dating, it’s important to make sure you are ready to rise to the occasion as well. When you feel happy, fulfilled and positive, you naturally attract people with the same energy and values. Before you can have, you must be what you want to and have.

Now it’s time to evaluate your standards. If you are someone who is afraid to be alone and will simply date anyone, don’t be surprised when you’re on yet another bad date. Take time to create a list of the things and qualities a potential date must possess before you will go out with them. Determining what you are truly looking for in a date will make it that much easier for you to find it. You’ll also know where to look, and it will act as a guide towards your happy ending.

Lastly, give it time. Dating is a process and you might have to go on ten terrible dates before you go on one that makes it all worth it. Use these bad dates as learning experiences and practice. Every date doesn’t have to be a love connection, but if you try to take something positive away from each one you won’t let a bad date get you down. Remaining positive is one of the best ways to attract a quality date.