When going out on a first date, most of the questions asked may be those that will help you know your date better. Try to steer clear of sensitive questions or those that may be quite difficult to answer. Here are some ideal questions to ask to help you understand your date more. What do you do for a living? This may be a pretty generic question to ask on a first date. But it can tell you a lot about the person. You will not only know what he does for a living or his professional background. The way he answers the question will indicate whether he likes what he is doing or feels trapped or not happy with his job.

Do you have siblings?

This is a question that will help pave the way for talking about family. It will also help you understand more about your date’s background and his experiences growing up. The way he answers the question will also help shed light on what he thinks about family.

What is your goal in life?

This question will help you determine your date’s ambition in life. It will also help you identify a person with no ambition at all. You can also determine from his goals whether a relationship may be a part of them or if he will have no space or time for it.

What’s something that you’d really like to try?

This question will help you identify what he likes doing or if it is something that you would also like to try sometime. The question will help you know about his interests and what he would like to do for fun. If they match with yours, then you may have a date that you can go well together with.

Has your heart ever been broken?

Asking this question will be going into the more sensitive side of your date. It depends on what he may have gone through. But it is an important question to ask in order to know more about your date. It will help you discover if he has been to previous relationships before. A date who have never gone through a broken heart may either not have any previous relationships or he may not have taken any of the relationships seriously.

How long did your previous relationship last?

This may be a good follow up question when you get into the subject of past relationships. It will help give any indication of whether your date is into a relationship for the long haul or just for casual companionship. A date with relationships that last only in months may indicate someone who may be either hard to please or someone who fears long-term relationships.