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Choosing an Online Dating Profile Picture

For many people, the real moment of fear in putting together an online dating profile is the selection of a photograph to accompany your self-description. Although a human being is very different from a saleable commodity, a dating profile is scarcely different from an advertisement. You want people to think you sound and look good. There is no point in putting together a profile that would make Oscar Wilde appear witless and uninspired if you use a photograph of you


How To Control Your Emotions In Your Relationship

Living with someone you love can throw up all sorts of differences in how to do things, which in the early stages of a relationship you might have been more tolerant about. Living or spending more time with a partner in every day situations when housework and routine take over can banish some of the affection and even trust. Partners coming home late from work or not doing their share of the chores at home can soon make a partner feel taken