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Signs That Your Girlfriend Wants To Have Sex

It is a universal fact that girls are generally unpredictable. Given their ever-changing personalities, we can never be sure when we should initiate something. This dilemma extends to the idea of sex. If you’re a guy who’s in a relationship for so long and she does not explicitly tell you that she wants the “D”, here are the signs that tell your girl wants to have sex: She wants to have sex if she talks about sex a lot. If


Appearing to be Something You Aren’t

There is a natural tendency for people entering a new relationship to try and make themselves appear to be something more than they believe themselves to be. The thought process behind this is fairly rational, up to a point. The attitude that many people have goes something like the following: “He/she cannot possibly be interested in me for who I am. I’m too boring – I need to appear more interesting.”. Although this is a perfectly common rationale, it misses