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Signs That Your Girlfriend Wants To Have Sex

It is a universal fact that girls are generally unpredictable. Given their ever-changing personalities, we can never be sure when we should initiate something. This dilemma extends to the idea of sex. If you’re a guy who’s in a relationship for so long and she does not explicitly tell you that she wants the “D”, here are the signs that tell your girl wants to have sex: She wants to have sex if she talks about sex a lot. If


The Age-Old Question Of When To Call

Sometimes a first date goes so well that you know there and then that you want to have a second date. The date is duly arranged for a week or so in the future, and one of you – we’ll say for the sake of this example that it is you – promises to call the other at some point in between the dates. This could be to firm up details, to chat with one another or for any number