• Quality Matters
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  • No Gimmicks
    Don't get me wrong, I am not cheap! But I just hate to be nicole and dimed and lied to. When a dating site advertises as Join For Free, Communicate For Free then don't ask for my credit card. Don't shove so much display ads either for me not to be able to figure out what I'm doing in the dating site in the first place. The only true free dating website is BachelorsMingle.com as they don't require a credit card, they don't try to up sale me to a paid plan or entice me to pay. Take this from a guy that has tried all the so called free dating sites. Save yourself time, your money and sanity and go with BachelorsMingle.
  • Love At Last
    As a 38 year old bachelor, I have to admit that my priorities in life have changed. I am no longer trying to serve my ego by chasing after the prettiest girl. Don't get me wrong, looks are very important but at this point of my life, looks is just one of many qualities that I look for. I am looking for quality, not quantity. I am in searh of finding my other half. My best friend, my soul mate. That is why I am here at BachelorsMingle.com and can honestly say that so far all my dating experiences have been positive. I have found quality gals that I was not able to find on other dating sites.