Breaking up is one of the most difficult things to do in a relationship. All of you who experienced this will agree that breaking it to her gently is not an easy task. Since we don’t want your words to be the reason for her suicide, here are the most overused breakup lines that you should avoid using ever!

Overused Breakup Line #1: It’s not you, it’s me.

Oh c’mon! It is definitely her! Rather than comforting her with a lie, just tell her the truth. This mother of clichés would just cause a slap, a kick, or a karate chop. It’s better that you clear your conscience rather than being beaten over and over again because you’re a liar! Break up with her as sincere as possible and don’t let your guilt kill you even the breakup.

Overused Breakup Line #2: You deserve someone better.

Wow, I really pity you. This line actually has the translation, “I deserve someone better because you don’t meet my standards.”  This line has been used for like a bajillion times just to comfort a person with the lie that there’s nothing wrong with her. A better breakup is one where both parties know their lapses and accept that they can never be together.

Overused Breakup Line #3: I love you, but only as a friend.

This breakup line might just be the origin of the term, “friendzone”. If you only wanted her as a friend, then why did you date her in the first place! Come on, you should agree that this is the most unrealistic, most unreasonable, and most unfair statement to deliver when breaking up with your bae. Tell her that you want you like someone else or something.

The secret to the least awful breakups is sincerity. If you are sincere and you tell your partner what drove you to end the relationship, you’re both one step closer to moving on.