No matter how good your partner is, there would come a time where the sex is no longer as pleasurable as it was before. The usual intimate times in the past may be very dull moments today. In order to save you from the dreary depths of the bedroom here are simple yet effective ways to spice up your sex life!

Spice up your sex life by doing a role-play!

Trust me, repetitive sex could be tiring. The usual positions and places where you make love can be too overused. This makes time for sex similar to watching the same episodes of your favorite cartoon. As his/her partner, your job is to turn his unrevealed fantasies into realities! Dress up like a school girl or act like a Christmas elf. Role playing brings a new flavor to the scene rather than the tiring husband-wife fuck.

Spice up your sex life by maintaining that beach body!

Marriage is not an excuse to be unattractive to your partner. In order to continue being an object of pleasure and an effective seduction tool, you need to have those curves! Make sure that you exercise daily and balance your diet. A healthy body not only serves as an eye candy for the two of you, but also improves your endurance in having sex.

Spice up your sex life by adding other ingredients to the act!

Similar to role playing, adding other elements to sex also brings a different twist. However, adding other things such as toys and food has a different pleasure to offer. These things aid your performance as they may also be sources of orgasms. Rub his manhood with butter or eat her up with some chocolate syrup! This creates another form of climax that he/she will surely ask for, over and over again.

No matter what you choose among the ways stated above, your sex life will surely be transformed. Create your own pleasure and intensify those boring and cold nights!