A new year means new resolutions in various aspects that affect our life—family, friends, work, and most popularly—love. For you folks who are thinking whether they need to include love among the things that they will value for 2015, here are some indicators that you’re ready for a relationship this year:

You are ready if you are happy being single.

You may think that if you’re happy being single, you need to be single for the rest of your life. This is wrong in so many levels! If you are happy being only with your friends and family, this just means that your love for them has already sufficed. Once your love overflows, it’s time to include another beneficiary: your next bae. So if you’re sure that everything is working well, you’re ready for another chapter with someone.

You are ready if you are willing to accept someone’s imperfections.

This particular item is for those who are currently seeing someone and is still assessing whether that person is “the one”. If you can imagine being with him despite his stinky feet, meager salary, and laziness, then you have already accepted who he is and you’re ready to be with him. Accepting someone for who they are is a very obvious indicator that Cupid just struck you, my friend. Go on and be happy!

You are ready if you’ve moved on from your ex.

Exes are often the reason why people don’t enter into relationships. They are also the turning point for entering into new ones. If you no longer cry over your previous sweetheart, you’re already ready to give yourself to someone who’s more deserving. He’s waiting for you! Go on and date or do something cheesy!

Love makes life worth living. If 2014 gave you heartbreaks, 2015 offers you with a fresh start. Make yourself ready and grab every love opportunity 2015 throws at you.