It is a universal fact that girls are generally unpredictable. Given their ever-changing personalities, we can never be sure when we should initiate something. This dilemma extends to the idea of sex. If you’re a guy who’s in a relationship for so long and she does not explicitly tell you that she wants the “D”, here are the signs that tell your girl wants to have sex:

She wants to have sex if she talks about sex a lot.

If sex suddenly becomes the usual topic every time she talks to you, then she’s probably hinting that she wants to have sex. If she always talks about sex to anyone, however, your chances are a bit blurry. But if she shares her fantasies and hidden desires only to you, then you got yourself a jackpot! Go for the GOLD, pal!

She wants to have sex if she wants more “alone time”.

If she always wants to stay away from other people and find a place alone with you, then she’s giving you the chance to do things you never do when people are around. If she does this just to merely talk, don’t expect for an intimate encounter. If she uses this time to cuddle, however, then your girl definitely wants to have sex!

She wants to have sex if she’s getting more physical.

Has she been a lot more touchy lately? Has she been caressing zones that turn you on? I really don’t know what else her motive is but to do the “thing” in bed. If she does this, validate your speculation by doing the same to her. If she reacts in a way you desire, then bae wants to have sex with you!

She wants to have sex if she invites you over.

Is she’s insisting that you two spend a night together? Although this is common for couples, there’s a slight difference when you haven’t done it with your girl. Usually, women who want to have sex creates situations wherein their boyfriends have no other way to misinterpret the message they want to send. So if she insists on sleeping at your apartment, she likely wants to sleep with you!

She wants to have sex if she talks naughtier to you.

This is the most obvious sign of all. If she talks to you like a pornstar in the latest video you watched, you’re in for something you’ve been waiting for. Has she invited you for phone sex? Does she compliment how big your biceps and your thing (you know what I mean) are? If the answer is yes, then she absolutely wants to have sex.

Now that you know the signs that tell she wants to have sex, ask her if you’re speculations are true and you’ll be happy with her answer.