We all have a best friend, may he/she be in a form of a classmate, a co-worker, a family member, etc. The point is, we all have that one person who we trust more than anything in the world. No matter how many friends we have, there is that one person who will always stand out and that is who we call our best friend. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that there will always be someone you can count on, but isn’t it an even better feeling when this person is the same person you fell in love with? Here are 4 things to prove that your partner is your best friend, too!

You are each other’s greatest confidants.

Your best friend will always be the person you can turn to when you have problems, when you need advices, when you need a shoulder to cry on, or when you just need to talk to someone. Your best friend will always be the person who you tell literally everything to–from the simplest to the biggest ones! When you find that the person you always tell all your secrets to is actually your boyfriend or girlfriend, then congratulations because there’s no doubt that your partner is also your BFF!

You don’t need to be with your best friend all the time, but you love it when s/he’s there.

You don’t exactly have to spend every minute of everyday with your best bud, but whenever he/she is around, you feel an overwhelming sense of happiness. It’s the same with your lovelife who is also you best friend. You don’t have to be together to prove that you’re in love. You trust each other enough to let each other go every once in a while. But when you two come together again, it’s the best feeling in the world!

You have inside jokes… lots of them!

There are moments in certain friendships where one cracks a joke and you and your best friend exchange knowing glances, almost talking with your eyes. Best friends would always have tons of inside jokes that only the two of them can understand. If you and your guy or girl often have “a world of your own”, this can only mean that he/she is not just your partner in love but also in life.

You’ve been through the toughest of times together.

A best friend is the person who you run to when you feel like crying and when you feel like the entire world is against you. When your partner is the one who teams up with you in a quest of “you and me against the world” just when you feel like the entire universe is falling on your shoulders and crushing you down, then he/she is the bestest of friend you can ever have.

Ultimately, we can have a best friend and we can have a boyfriend/girlfriend. And when you realize that these two are in one and the same person, then you’re one hell of a lucky lovebird. Stay in love! ❤