We tend to believe what other people say about any topic because their explanations seem logical. However, logic isn’t really enough to prove that something is true. Sometimes, science is better in telling what is true and what is false. The topic of sex is not safe from these myths. So that you’ll believe me, here are just some of the craziest sex misconceptions:

Sex Misconceptions #1: Withdrawal would keep those sperm away!

This, in my opinion, is one of the most logical sex misconceptions. Once a guy releases his man gravy anywhere but the vagina, he would probably get rid of the fear of pregnancy. What people who engage in sex don’t understand is that sperm will still come out during intercourse. This is commonly known as the “pre-cum”. It’s just lesser as compared to the ones released at orgasm, but it can still make your FuBu preggy. So if you don’t want a baby, wrap it up!

Sex Misconceptions #2: Women love the big D’s.

The thought of “big penis=greater sex” is included in our list of sex misconceptions because we want to prevent men from being insecure because of their penis size. Pleasure can be achieved by a woman once your shaft reaches the two-inch mark of her genital. So you should just worry if you only have an inch! Ha-ha!

Sex Misconceptions #3: Sex makes you fit!

Although regular sex will let you lose some calories, it isn’t really an exercise that will get you toned. The calories you burn when you have intimate encounters is just equivalent to the ones you lose after walking for a few meters. Put this in your list of sex misconceptions and enrol in a legitimate fitness program!

Sex Misconceptions #4: Women want multiple orgasms.

Sex conceptions tend to be unrealistic sometimes. A good example would be this one. Although you feel more manly once you’ve made her come twice, doing it for another few times would just bore her. Women also tend to have limits in terms of ejaculation. As a man, it’s tiring to fire 3 consecutive loads, right? The same applies to women. So if you want the succeeding rounds to be more pleasurable, be content on just one climax.

Now that you are already aware of the craziest sex misconceptions, I hope that I have helped in removing your confusion. Also, I hope that the next time someone asserts that he’s good in bed because his is 7 inches, don’t hesitate and tell him his D is useless anyway. Ha-ha! I’m just kidding. Keep on making love!