Love is an often indescribable and hard-to-detect kind of feeling. Almost all people who walked this Earth have experienced falling in love. While there are quite a number of people who knows themselves well enough to be able to tell whether he/she is falling for someone, there are also those kinds of people who remain unaware of their own feelings. In reality, it can only really be two things. One, you have fallen in love but it’s your first time and you can’t really tell if it’s even love at all! Or two, you have fallen in love, you think you have fallen in love, but is not quite sure or is in a stage called denial. Whatever it may be for you, here are 3 ways to tell whether you really have fallen for someone.

1. You’re in love if you imagine your future with that person.

At some point in our lives, we all wonder what the future is gonna be like for us. Will we be famous? Will we be rich? Will we have kids? These questions are normal and are often triggered by an excitement for something to happen in the future–may it be in your career, your studies, or perhaps… your lovelife? One thing to consider if you’re doubting how you feel is that when you start imagining about a future and that person is in it, it only means that you wish for that future to happen.

2. You’re in love if you think about that person just way too much.

Whether you’re at school, at home, in class, or at dinner, you may often find your mind wandering off to that specific person. You begin thinking what he/she is doing at that exact moment, your last encounter, the way he/she smiles, or if he even thinks about you. This is a huge tell-tale that you’re doomed with love fever.

3. You’re in love if, when you think about losing that person, it hurts a little… or a lot!

I know, I know. We can feel this for friends, too. But come on, admit it, the feeling is different–way different! When you think about your friends going away for a long time, you know you’ll miss them and you know you’ll cry a bit, but not even half as much as you’d cry if you think about losing that one special person. It almost hurts as much as it would thinking about losing your parents forever. You cried in the bathroom, you cried on your bed, you cried every moment you miss him–and trust me, you’ll miss him tons! When this happens to you, then oh boy, cupid definitely has you hooked to his diapers bigtime!

But don’t worry, if you realize you are in love, it’s not something you should panic about. Love is something very beautiful. Rejection may hurt, but you wouldn’t really know unless you try, would you? Love is never for the faint-hearted, so accept the reality that cupid has hit you with his arrow, muster up your courage, go walk up to him, and tell him you’ve got the hots for him! It doesn’t have to be complicated at all!

… okay, who am I kidding.