Being in singles dating, can be very scary—especially the first date. You have to sit with a person that you barely know and entertain them for the duration of a meal. There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to singles dating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A few simple singles dating tips should help you ensure both you and your date have a terrific time.

1. Dress to impress

As other singles dating will tell you, the very first thing your date will see are your clothes so it is extremely important to pick what you wear. Your clothes tell a lot about you. However keep in mind that although you should dress smartly, you should dress according to the activity and occasion as well. Being under-dressed or over-dressed not only makes you look bad, it might actually turn off your date. Find something that matches the occasion, all the while making you look your best.

2. Watch what you eat

While you don’t need to starve yourself on eating salads and you should eat properly at our date, it would be best to avoid foods that might cause a mess. Basically your goal is to show your date that you are comfortable and confident enough with them that you are having a full meal, but not so hungry as to turn into a monster. The way you eat is one of the few things your date will be looking at, but it is among the most important that will make or break your relationship.

3. Pay attention

Boring your date should be the last thing you should do. While you should talk about yourself, remember that there is another person at that date and you should let them talk and express themselves as well. Pay close attention to how your date reacts and responds to your actions that should tell you whether they are enjoying your company or whether you should change your strategy.

4. Turn your phone off

Answering calls and messages while on a date is a huge deal-breaker for many. It shows your date that you aren’t invested in the date and that you rather be somewhere else. So either put your phone on silent or turn it off completely—better yet, keep it away from your direct reach. Many people use their cellphones as a nervous quirk, although it doesn’t look very nice. For singles dating, finding a date is hard enough. Now that you have one, don’t turn them off by forgetting your manners.

5. Follow up

Whether you’ve managed to charm your date or screwed up the entire date up, you should follow up by giving your date a call or text afterwards. Your singles dating life does not end after one meal. Wait a day if you want. However just because you viewed the date as a failure, doesn’t mean your date won’t be willing to give it another shot—so don’t give up without trying!