Every women is looking for “The One” that they can spend their entire lives with. While different girls have different preferences when it comes to men, there are a few common personality traits and characters all women look for in a man. Understanding the traits, why women value them and in turn embodying them will really help you understand how to attract women and become popular among them.

Learn how to attract women:

1. Personality traits:

When it comes to relationships, personality is a big factor since many of the relationship’s problems can stem from it. Women do understand that nobody is perfect, but they do value the following three personality traits in men very highly:

  •  A sense of humor

One of the first things you should know about how to attract women is that women love a guy with a good sense of humor. After all, who doesn’t love someone that can make them laugh? Having a good sense of humor gives you a huge edge. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a comedian all the time. You just need make a few jokes sometimes and also understand her sense of humor. Women like these kind of men because they seem to be confident, fun and consist of the ability to help her de-stress.

  • Passion

Passion for something other than yourself and your ‘to-be’ relationship shows a women that you are capable of caring for something beyond yourself, even if it’s just your guitar or music career. Having a passion and pursuing it indicates that you have a clear idea of your goals and how to achieve them. Men like that are usually have this contagious enthusiasm that women like to be around.

  • Confidence

Confidence earns you major plus points with women. It indicates that you are self-confident in your abilities to provide for yourself and her, and it gives her confidence in you as well. If you need to learn how to boost your confidence around women, check out our previous blog post.

2. Characteristics:

The characteristics you posses also have a huge impact on your attractiveness to women. There are many different characteristics women might like in their ideal man, but the following three are a must-have in every man:

  • Faithfulness

No matter what techniques you use on how to attract women, if you aren’t faithful women will not even want to consider you. Loyalty means a big thing to them, but this doesn’t just mean that you shouldn’t cheat on them, but be faithful when she tells you something private by not spreading it or standing up for her if she ever needs you to. To her, loyal men are more likely to stay by their side and act as a source of comfort.

  • Responsible

Being responsible in regards to what you say or do is really crucial. Making plans and cancelling on them or making promises only to break them, makes them the opposite of responsible. But why do you need to be responsible? Basically it displays that you aren’t just filled with words, but you can “walk the walk” as well. Also you don’t make commitments lightheartedly and you’ll definitely try your best to honor your responsibilities.

  • A firm set of beliefs

If you’re the kind of man that changes his values according to each situation, women are likely to be turned-off. Basically the absence of this traits shows that you can’t really be trusted. Out of all the ways on how to attract women, this is perhaps one of the most crucial characteristic. So remember always stick by your set of values and beliefs to show women that you are responsible and reliable.