It is bound to happen no matter how much you try to avoid it. Your girlfriend is mad at you once again, and once again you’re left wondering “why is she mad at you?”. When it comes to dealing with an angry girlfriend, men usually don’t even know why their girlfriend is mad. That mis-communication leads to bigger fights. But luckily, you can stop it from going further by understanding why your girlfriend is upset and what you can do to make the situation better.

Look within

The first thing you should do to understand when dealing with an angry girlfriend is that you sometimes need to look within. Without noticing you might have done or said something unpleasent so first take a step back and look at your behavior that might have lead to the fight. It could be something small, like not returning their calls. It might be something silly to you, but to her it was important at that moment. Instead of explaining yourself, apologize. When her mood is better, you can raise the conversation and exactly explain to her why she shouldn’t behave like that. And if you’ve done something big, then just keep apologizing and try to make it up to her until she is ready to forgive you.

Maybe she is having a bad day

It is entirely possible that she might just be in a foul mood. And while it is totally unfair to take her frustrations out on you, it would be worse for her if you started giving her a hard time as well. She doesn’t mean to act like such an angry girlfriend. Just be considerate and ask her what’s wrong. If she wants to talk about it, then she will tell you. Otherwise just help her unwind and relax. Maybe take her mind off it. You can talk to her later about her behavior when she is more open to your critique.

You’re not being appreciative

Without telling or asking, women tend to do a lot of small and big things to make sure her man is happy. Of course if she doesn’t receive the praise she needed after all her hard work, it would definitely annoy her and turn her into an angry girlfriend. It could be as simple as forgetting to tell her that she looks nice on a date or complimenting her hair cut. Basically she has done all those things for you and if you don’t even notice them or appreciate them, she is going to be disheartened. A simple verbal thank could fix this situation right up!