There is nothing quite as attractive to a girl as confidence. In fact, they are hardwired to believe confidence is a must-have quality in any man. After all it displays that you are comfortable in your own skin, i.e, you are intelligent, strong, good looking, and the best possible choice for them.  So when you’re out meeting women, you should remember to project confidence. While it may seem difficult, we’ve complied a list of tips for talking to women that should help you project, and even build, confidence around women. We all need a little help from time to time, so keeping these 5 tips for talking to women in mind would help you appear comfortable even in the most nervous of times

Tip 1. Make Goals

You aren’t going to develop confidence in a day, especially if you are naturally shy or meek. It takes time, so it would be effective if you had a list of goals that you want to accomplish with each date. Make sure the goals are realistic given your current state of shyness. Alternatively it would be good to simply list all the “worst outcomes” and alternative plans if those outcomes become a reality. You could listen to different motivational speeches that help you identify your fallacies and suggest ways to overcome them, all the while helping you step up your game. But remember, reading these tips for talking to women will only take you so far so practice out these tips whenever you talk to women so you are in a habit and don’t have to make a list every time.

2. Check your body language

While what you say is important, non-verbal communication through body language does not go unnoticed by women. Sit comfortably and smile once in a while to display that you are having a fun time and there is no place you rather be. Maintaining eye contact is another indicator of confidence. Additionally it makes the conversation more intimate and personal. Stand like your worth something and walk like you own the place. Instill confidence by the way you move, and you are guaranteed to make an impression on her.

3. Speak Confidently

When you do speak, make sure your voice is clear and understandable. Don’t be a loudmouth and don’t interrupt when the other person is speaking. But when it is your turn, just make sure you are loud enough to be understood but your tone is low enough so as to not look like a jackass. Also don’t dominate the conversation. Girls like guys that can listen to them.

4. Playful touching

Assess the moment, if you are both comfortable with each other, feel free to hold her hand. If holding her hand seems too soon, then just lightly place your hand on her arm while talking. She won’t make the first move so you need to be confident and seize the opportunity when you can.

5. And the best tip for talking to women: Be yourself.

While these tips for talking to women should give you start, remember that it takes time to build confidence. Don’t give up and remember to still be yourself and stay calm. While girls love confidence, a little nervousness will not throw them off so if you falter, don’t fret. The more talk to women, the easier it will get.