You’ve got your eyes on a girl that doesn’t seem to notice you. Before you can start swooning her, you need to impress her and show her that you are boyfriend material. Learn how to impress women by checking out the tips below:

1. Be Confident

Perhaps the biggest turn-on for a girl is confidence. If you’re able to emulate confidence, then you’ll be able to impress women easily. Women are naturally attracted to men who are confident. This does not mean that you should be boastful, but that you are comfortable being yourself. This attitude shows her that she can depend on you no matter what.

2. Impress her friends

Believe it or not, but a girl’s friends play a big hand on what kind of man she will date. They tell her whether someone is worth their time so impressing her friends should be a priority for you. Don’t get flirty with them or use them to make the girl jealous, because that might cause misunderstandings. Instead show them that you are the guy for her. Once you’ve done that, getting her will be an easy task!

3. Make her notice you

If you’re not friends with her, that should be the first thing you should do. But remember: Don’t just be her friend or you’ll end up in the friend zone. If you’re stuck it, then check out our post on How to get out of the friend zone. Don’t be flashy or do anything over the top, but show her that you’re always there for her and that you’re the only one she needs.

4. Show off your talents

Women love men that have some sort of creative talent. Doesn’t matter what it is, if you’re passionate about it, then you’ll definitely earn some points for it in her eyes. So impress women with your own unique talent. It doesn’t have to be something like singing, anything would do as long as you love it.

5. Show off your Intellectual Side

Intelligence is sexy. You don’t need to be a bookworm, but someone that understand how the world works. In this modern world, women look for men that are able to provide for them and intelligent men are more likely to succeed in life. So show off your knowledge and intellect whenever you get a chance.

6. Don’t be creepy

The last thing you should know about how to impress women is that you should definitely avoid coming off as desperate. It would send any girl running so give her space. The goal is to show her that you are a good time. Be subtle when it comes to impressing her. If shes the one, then she’ll be falling for you in no time with the above mentioned tricks!